R&J Wild Hog Hunts

Hunt with the best!

We strongly recommend wearing shooting glasses and ear protection.

You should wear a good pair of hiking boots and layer clothing for cold mornings and evenings. Wellies or waterproof boots will make hunts more comfortable during the Winter months, the grass is often wet in the early mornings.


  • Boots
  • Non-Leaded Ammunition
  • Hunting license & hog tag
  • Jacket
  • Medicine (personal)
  • Ice Chest & Ice
  • Food and Beverage
  • Rifle (No Handguns Allowed)
  • Bedding

Please make sure that you have your license, hog tag and lead free ammo with you at the time of check in. They are not always available in our small town, so make sure you have them before you leave for your trip.